Thursday, February 26, 2004

More Bush Doctrine

President Bush sent a message today. Because of Libya’s recent cooperation on the WMD issue and its seeming desire to legitimize itself among the nations of the world, Bush has eased some economic sanctions and lifted the travel ban that barred U.S. citizens from traveling to the African nation. This clearly demonstrates that just as there are consequences for regimes that support terrorists, there are rewards for those who seek a new direction. Also today, in a move I think was not coincidental, Bush tightened travel restrictions on Cuba, because of Castro’s continued efforts to destabilize relations with the U.S.

Bush is a man of action and that is how some of these situations have to be dealt with. The potential significance of the burgeoning relationship with Libya is yet to be realized and the situation will continue to develop. I believe it will be recorded as an important victory for the Bush Doctrine. Meanwhile, we must continue to pursue peace through strength. It is a policy that Ronald Reagan believed and practiced and that Bush understands. Maybe one day, we will see a free Libya and will refer to Cuba as a former communist country.

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