Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry & the $87 billion

In the debate tonight, Kerry attempted again to explain away his vote against the supplemental funding bill to purchase equipment for our troops including body armor, armor for Humvees, and other needed supplies. He has said that the vote was a protest against the President. John Edwards voted against it too and Kerry has said he's proud of that fact. The senator said he voted for the bill before he voted against it. Now, Kerry says merely that he was "inarticulate" in how he stated that. He misses the point still! THE POINT IS, you don't use a vote for supporting our troops at war as a protest vote! That affects them. Kerry could have just as easily given a speech, called a press conference, or thrown his money clip over the wall of the White House if he wanted to protest. Instead, he exercised poor judgement and could have endangered our troops by voting against them, and that's wrong, epecially when we're at war.

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