Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Germans Ban Laser Tag, EU Court approves...wait...Huh?

That's right folks. Can't play laser tag in Germany. Sorry, kids. Seems it's beneath your human dignity to run around wearing a sensor vest shooting lasers at people with a plastic gun. They think it might encourage you to become some violent murderous fiend, so, take off that silly looking helmet and go home. Or, go to the theater, there's explicit violence there, but apparently that's ok. It's Toys 'R Us that they have to worry about.

When I play laser tag, I'm not thinking of committing a "homicidal act". I'm thinking, "Hey, cool. This little plastic thing has a red light coming out of it and takes points from that guy's score if I am it at him." Then, after fifteen minutes or so, it's "Hey, that was fun, wanna do go-karts next?" I mean, really, this makes me think of that character from Seinfeld who would yell at his unworthy customers, "No soup for you!". What was his name? Oh yeah, the SOUP NAZI. Although, given the geography involved here, the analogy might not be appreciated, but oh well, "No laser tag fun for you!"

Seriously, the German government sells us out on removing Saddam Hussein, but they ban laser tag because they think it's violent?! Am I missing something here? They do know laser tag is a game, right? It doesn't actually kill people. I don't think it even makes people think about actually killing people. I've never heard of laser tag as a root cause for someone's psychosis. Saddam actually did kill people, like a million of them. They know this, right? Is there a space/time continuum that's distorted their perception of reality here? Are they in the Matrix? I really don't get these people.

Sometimes, these Old Europeans are just a parody of themselves. Thank goodness for New Europe. At least there's some sanity left on the Continent, and in Britain, too. If you care to bother, here's the EU ruling. TechCentralStation has a piece about it here.

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