Friday, October 22, 2004

The (Literal) Fall of Castro

Castro took a spill the other day. He broke his knee and an arm. I wish him a slow and painful recovery.

I was surprised to read this reaction, surprised it was from a European, that is:

Madrid (DPA)--22 October 2004--Loyola de Palacio, the Spanish vice-president of
the European Commission, was on Friday quoted by press reports as saying she
hoped Cuban leader Fidel Castro would die as soon as possible.

"I hope he dies one day, and I hope to see it," transport and energy commissioner de Palacio told Spanish journalists Thursday in Brussels.

De Palacio made her comments after Cuba's 78-year-old leader fell after giving a speech, fracturing an arm and a leg on Wednesday.

"We all hope he will die as soon as possible. I'm not saying he should be killed, I'm saying he should die. I do not desire anyone's death, but the only solution [for Cuba] would be that Castro disappears," de Palacio said.

"Castro is a sinister dictator who has many deaths and tortured people behind him," she added.

The commissioner also criticised Spain's Socialist government for attempting to
soften the EU policy towards Cuba, describing Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's
Cabinet as "not very serious".

De Palacio was about to leave Brussels to return to Spain, where she will head a foreign policy organ within the opposition conservative Popular Party. has the video. The super-slow-mo replay gives you the full effect.

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