Friday, October 08, 2004

One Nation

Watching the news today, I caught a soundbite of pollster John Zogby say that the evenly divided poll results show that we are basically two nations. I sincerely disagree with that assessment. Since when in a democracy does everyone have to believe the same thing or support the same party? Since when has that ever been the case in this country? We have a two-party system. We've always had that. Just because it's close this time doesn't mean we are two separate countries. I think it's dangerous and counterproductive to keep asserting to people that we are a hopelessly divided country. We have been divided in serious times before, but emerged from them a stronger nation. If we continually emphasize and encourage division as I think some do, then where does it end? The media hypes these dynamics because they think it makes for good TV. The Democrats, like John Edwards, who often says there are "two Americas", do it to scare people and promote class warfare. Marxism is based on class warfare - pit the privileged against the unprivileged. Our country is based on a common theme, the promotion of liberty. That liberty allows for differences of opinion. It allows for the expression of those differences through the electoral process. Sometimes one party wins, sometimes the other. Sometimes, it is close. But that is our system at work. To throw up your hands and say (as John Edwards did in the VP debate) that the light of America is "flickering" is to underestimate America. We have been through tougher times than this and we can get through them again.

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