Thursday, November 04, 2004

By the Numbers

According to campaign strategist Matthew Dowd, George W. Bush

  • Is the 1st WH candidate to win over 50% of the popular vote since '88.
  • Got the "most votes" in history with 58M+, "even breaking" Pres. Reagan's 54.5M in '84.
  • Is the 1st pres. re-elected "while gaining seats in the House and Senate" since '36, and with his party's majorities since '24.
  • Got a "higher percentage of the popular vote" than any Dem candidate since '64.
  • Increased his percentage of the vote in 45 states, including MA.
  • Made "historic gains with minority voters," gaining 7% with Hispanic voters compared to '00, 5% more with Jewish voters, 4% with women, and 2% with blacks. In FL he got 55% of Hispanic votes.
  • Got the "undecided and late-deciding voters ... by a small margin" -- about 51% to 48%.

W. Still the President!

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