Monday, November 29, 2004


Thank God that this reported assassination plot against President Bush was not carried out in Colombia last week. Hopefully, the Chileans who were miffed about the president's security detail during the APEC summitt will understand why they do what they do. Meanwhile, the Colombian terrorist group FARC is painting a bigger target on itself. Planning to kill the leader of the free world will do that. The day following his visit, President Bush announced increased support for the war in Colombia. The guerillas won't be happy about that.

In addition to the fact that we have given military aid to Colombia's government, I wonder if something else motivated their supposed plot. FARC, of course, makes its money through drug trafficking. Earlier this month, US authorities reported making the largest drug seizure in history - estimated value: $2.3 billion. The cartels are surely gonna feel that one in the pocketbook.

Who says the war on drugs is dead? It's gaining ground.

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