Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rovian Theory

Everyone before this election knew that Karl Rove was a genius. He has been called a legend, a kingmaker, "Caesar's Caesar". Starting as a successful political consultant in Texas, he helped George Bush win the governorship, then the presidency, then the midterm elections. Now, having engineered a re-election campaign that many worried would fall short of victory, his brilliance is more evident than ever. He strikes fear and conspiracy theories in the hearts of liberals. So mysterious, yet present, is his perceived power that people like Walter Kronkite are driven to believe that somehow Rove himself released the latest bin Laden tape to help the president. If The Left wants to believe the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is that vast, let them. It just makes them look ridiculous, which they are, and fear The Right, which they should. The President, in his victory speech on Wednesday, conferred on Mr. Rove the enigmatic title of "The Architect." It fits.

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