Monday, November 08, 2004

Sacre Bleu! Ol' Chap

This weekend, C-SPAN ran a subtitled French news broadcast and a rerun of BBC Newsnight, both discussing the U.S. elections. Old Europe really is baffled that Bush got re-elected.

During the French show, I just sat mostly smirking and shaking my head at how the French are so predictably biased against us. In an interview, the French foreign minister continued to propagate the government's most recent excuse for Franco-U.S. tensions, which is becoming their mantra, "Alliance is not allegiance." Yeah, thanks a lot.

During the BBC broadcast, the anchor used the adjective "so-called" in front of "War on Terror", implying that its status as an actual war is still in question. Also, in a series of file video clips, they showed shaggy-bearded Saddam, post-capture, with his face blurred out. Now, I know they do that on "Cops" and various other shows because of the innocent-until-proven-guilty principle, but why would they blur out Saddam? Weird. There was, however, some sensible analysis was offered by Christopher Hitchens in the election discussion.

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