Monday, November 15, 2004

Value[s] Shoppers

In the last ten years, the Left has decried religious conservatives as radicals-on-the-fringe and out of the mainstream. They have vociferously pushed an agenda to counter the Right portraying its supporters and its values close-minded, intolerant, bigoted and extreme. It's ironic, or maybe, revealing that in doing so, they come across as close-minded, intolerant, bigoted and extreme.

Howard Dean complained in the primaries that he was tired of Democrats having to run in the South on "God, guns, and gays". Well, this year was no different, and they lost...big time. Some inwardly-reflective Democrats are questioning their party's tactics. Their attempt to portray the homosexual agenda as mainstream backfired by motivating the conservative base. Thirteen states enacted bans on gay marriage this year with more on the way. The margins by which they passed showed effectively that the their agenda is not mainstream.

So, now Democratic leaders are saying that they don't "talk" about values enough. Well, maybe they should look into getting some values before they start talking about them. The Democratic Party has no core right now. They have no message. And, until they do, they will continue to lose elections.

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