Monday, December 13, 2004

ElBaradei Needs to be El-Out-of-Work

Well, I'm glad to hear the Administration is pressing for Dr. Mohammed ElBaradei of the IAEA to be replaced when his current term is up next year. Since he assumed office in 1997 as head of the organization charged with monitoring nuclear activities, India and Pakistan officially became nuclear powers (1998), the North Koreans further developed their nuclear program, Libya advanced its nuclear program until the U.S. called their hand, the clandestine A.Q. Khan supplied several rogue nations with nuclear-related materials and blueprints, and Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons. So...uh, what's this guy's job again? Naturally, since we want him out, the "Old" Europeans, perpetually engrossed in the anti-logic of appeasement, will try to keep him on. You would think it would dawn on Europe that maybe when we're concerned about Islamist nations and terrorists acquiring WMDs, that maybe it's taking some unnecessary risk by keeping this Egyptian Muslim as head of the effort, when he has "missed" the developments of such weapons in the region more than once. I'm not saying he looked the other way, but maybe I am saying that. With the deception we've seen surrounding the UN Oil-F0r-Food Program, who knows if you can trust any of these so-called "diplomats"?

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