Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As I continue research in to the Fuqra organization, I feel I should post a caveat.

This research has been drawn from open sources and is intended for informational purposes only. I in no way advocate or condone any action taken in response to this information, unless taken legally and/or by the proper authorities.

The NW3C report included a couple of admonitions I think are appropriate:

Do's of Investigative Practices

• Be aware that terrorists can live anywhere and that any place can be a target; do not dismiss anomalous behaviors simply due to location.

• Be observant throughout routine procedures and look for any items that seem odd or out of place...


• Do not make assumptions and generalizations; many items and actions that can be interpreted as red flags are associated not only with illegal activities but also those that are legal.
That said, I do believe it is important for us as Americans to be an informed citizenry. And, considering the world today, we must be vigilant as well.

There are a lot of things that take place in this country that goes unreported or under-reported. That is where I think the blogosphere as part of the new media is filling in some of the gaps and, in some instances, it can drive the mainstream media as well. It's just a matter of pointing out the facts and working together.

Plus, remember that law enforcement often relies on everyday citizens for information. So, if we can serve as "virtual tipsters" to hopefully make our country more safe, then so be it.

E pluribus unum!

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Always On Watch said...

Before 9/11, many citizens were remiss or negligent about reporting suspicious activity. Then for a short period thereafter, many of us became more proactive about reporting what we observed. After all, law enforcement cannot be everywhere at once!

We must never just sit back and wait, but once again, I see complacency among our citizenry. We may all pay a dear price.