Monday, October 31, 2005

Joe Wilson gets a pass from NBC & CBS

NBC and CBS both had Joe Wilson on Sunday night.

On Dateline, Wilson was interviewed by MSNBC reporter Campbell Brown. I sat through it and was entirely frustrated, though not surprised. Campbell just sat there baiting Wilson and accepting his responses like they were the God's honest truth. She never questioned his answers. It was one of the fluffiest games of softball I've ever seen. Wilson's wife was made the victim, the Bush administration was the perpetrator, and Wilson himself was the whistleblower.
CBS duplicated this exercise on 60 Minutes. Blanton, at Redstate, notes this, "It seems that CBS and, in particular, 60 Minutes, is *the* place to go when you want to air a grievance against the Bush Administration."

On Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams was trying to make a big deal of what the Libby case showed with regards to Wilson and the "16 words" in the State of the Union and the supposed "outing" of Plame. Brit Hume stopped him and said, "Somebody needs to hose you down" and went on to say that Wilson's trip had been discredited and that Wilson himself had lied about the trip and that it's still unclear whether Plame was covert or not.

These last couple of points need to be repeated continuously amidst this whole mess. Joe Wilson is not credible or reliable as far as the truth is concerned AND no one has clarified whether Valerie Plame was even a covert agent. That fact should have been confirmed at the very beginning of this whole investigation. But, still, no one seems to know for sure. At the very least, it doesn't seem that Plame and Wilson were that concerned about it when they appeared in their photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

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