Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Background on Fuqra

A couple of quick items. I figured I should link to these sources just to give you a little more information that's out there.

This first one is a follow-up to the information I've already provided on the Colorado investigation of the Fuqra organization. You can read a factsheet about the case from the Colorado Attorney General's Office - here.

Also, Fuqra is affiliated with another organization founded by Sheikh Jilani known as the Muslims of the Americas (MOA). It seems MOA may serve as a corporate front for Fuqra or at least exists to put a friendly public face on their members so as to distract from other activities. The Anti-Defamation League has been following them for some time and has noted some statements made by MOA that indicate where they stand. Read it here.

UPDATE: Another background article I found from Defense Watch, October 30, 2002. Note this disturbing paragraph:
"Al Fuqra members Earl Grant and Clement Rodney Hampton El were both convicted along with Sheikh Rahman in connection with the first World Trade Center attack and a plot to bomb New York City tunnels and landmarks. It has been ominously observed that since 1993 al Fuqra has hosted numerous low level Tri-State area bridge and tunnel workers for weekend retreats at their Hancock, N.Y. compound."

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