Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorists in rural America...continued

I consider myself somewhat of a news junkie. I'm constantly checking news on the web, reading a good selection of blogs, and watch cable news when I can. Relatively speaking, I'd say I'm pretty informed.

That's why I was surprised this week when I ran across this information about the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Amidst all the publicity surrounding cases like that of Daniel Pearl, and the Beltway Sniper case, etc., I've found that there has been some internet coverage and some regional and intermittent national coverage of this group, but not much of a groundswell. I'd never heard of them.

Frankly, I think it's pretty unsettling, and alarming, when I discover that this group primarily operates out of the US and has rural training camps all over the country. The War on Terror has been successful in dismantling numerous cells of al-Qaeda around the US and the world and members of other groups like MS-13, but there are numerous enemies out there and if some of them have a significant presence in our own midst, we should know about it.

Like I said, we know about certain groups that have been widely publicized, and we know that Hamas and Hezbollah fundraise in the U.S. But ask anybody who's ever heard of Jemaat ul-Fuqra. This group has set up training camps and carried out numerous attacks, including targeted killings and bombings, right here on U.S. soil, and have been doing it since the 80's!

The government may be fully aware of these people, their whereabouts, and activities. Or, they may not. That's why, for at least the public's sake, fellow citizens can report this information to let other citizens know about it and if the government learns something along the way that's useful, so be it.

With knowledge, vigilance, and the grace of God, we can do it!

With that said, I will have more information forthcoming that I have discovered on the suspected whereabouts of Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

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