Saturday, February 25, 2006

Canadian Vigilance

With the attack this week on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia and a disturbing theft of propane that may be related to a similar plot in the U.S., The Canadian Sentinel is calling for authorities in his country to take refinery security seriously, noting that one near his home is perilously vulnerable. He also calls for citizen watchers to do their part.

He says, "The enemy must know that we, the people, are always watching. We know they're living among us, plotting, training and waiting for an opening, but we're going to be watching as sentinels.

We stand on guard for thee.

Don't tread on us."

I like his style. Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Steve Janke of the blog, Angry in the Great White North, reports that the Canadian Parliament is resisting calls from Islamists to expand their hate crime laws to protect "The Prophet". Muslims angry over the recent Muhammad cartoons are seeking to impose sharia into state legislation. Here's hoping that Canada stands firm. I fear our European friends may not.

Read the whole thing. (via PJM)

ABFreedom is looking ahead to a possible visit to Afghanistan by Canada's new Conservative PM.

Read his post here.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Thanks, CP. I like your style, as well.

ABFreedom said...

Thank you for the link CP... I think we have a lot popping up, and some troubled times ahead...

Canadian Sentinel said...

There's more, ABF, to this story, and eventually I'll do a post putting the whole area together... so many huge targets in a small area... even in the middle of nowhere it would be heard loudly across the planet due to its size and implications... a large area would look much like Ground Zero due to chain reactions all over the place...

Canada is sleepwalking towards its own 9/11.