Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well, in an effort to find a new avenue to get their message out, since the MSM hasn't done 'em many favors, the US Military is turning to the blogosphere. In a recent post discussing a military report on terrorism, I made a reference to CENTCOM, or US Central Command. Soon after, I received emails from two CENTCOM public affairs officers who had found my site through a Technorati search. They asked if I would be willing to put up a link to CENTCOM on my site. I told them I would oblige because I support what they are doing.

So, go check out CENTCOM.MIL. It's a really good site. There, you can find tip-of-the-spear news from Iraq, Afghanistan, the Global War on Terror, and more. They've got news stories, pictures, audio, video, and they've got podcasting coming soon.

This is stuff you won't see on TV, folks. It's not all bombs and IEDs "over there". Our military is doing a lot of good and a lot of people are grateful. It's time people heard "the rest of the story". Let's help support the troops AND their mission. Spread the word!


Jesse Clark said...

The same thing happened to me: I mentioned CENTCOM in one of my posts and I received an e-mail less than 24 hours later.

It's good to know they're paying attention.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't mention CENTCOM, nor have I ever, but I heard from CENTCOM this week. I also heard form them last summer.