Monday, March 27, 2006

Canadians Can Be Proud

The Walrus Magazine has a great profile this month of Canadian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Click here to read the whole thing titled -
"Soldiers, Not Peacekeepers".

It covers the dangers they are facing every day as part of the coalition fighting Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents and the soldiers' professional efforts to do their job well. The piece offers a window into the uncertain deliberation Canada has had with itself with regard to a militaristic role in world affairs. The strong picture of the soldiers contrasts with the reticent rhetoric of political liberals who'd rather refer to them as peacekeepers, relegating them to aid missions and blue helmets.

This article seems to have been written before the recent election of PM Stephen Harper because it did not address the direction Canadian defense is likely to take under his leadership.

I am encouraged by what I have seen so far from Mr. Harper. I have wanted for some time to see a Conservative leader in Canada as have many other US conservatives. For too long we felt that a French Canadian socialist elitism muddied the relationship that should be enjoyed between our two countries. We are each other's largest trading partners and we should be allied closely when it comes to world affairs. I believe Canada can have a bigger seat at the table if it wants to - they have just lacked good leadership.

As this article points out, the leftist view of the military is that it should only be used for peacekeeping.

I am reminded of the Scripture that says, "They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. 'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace." (Jeremiah 6:14)

We must continue to realize that we are at war and this is not just the "United States' War on Terror" as some people like to put it in quotes. It is an ideological and cultural struggle. I believe we are just beginning to see an awakening in other Western countries and I hope that Canada prepares itself to stay the course.

PM Harper's recent visit to Afghanistan was a real encouragement to me. His emphatic statement that Canada would not "cut and run" reflected a boldness not seen in his predecessors. I was again encouraged when he phoned the president of Afghanistan this past week on behalf of the Abdul Rahman, who faced trial and execution for his Christian faith.

Following Harper's Afghan visit, I read a comment after a post on the Canadian Sentinel blog where someone wrote "It's morning again!" in Canada. I'll repeat here what I wrote in response:

"Morning again" indeed. I hope this is the beginning of a new resurgent Canadian strength. The West will only be stronger with Canada at its side and its weapons at the ready. The West must be united in this fight. We have so much in common and too much to lose if we are not in it together. May patriots and free men fight together for the protection of our homelands and the freedom of others.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Thanks, CP!

I've linked to it on TCS.

I've forwarded the link to "Canadian Heroes" at: . Expect a post there.

Canadian Sentinel said...

OOps, CP, the link to the Walrus article leads to the PPCLI image, not to the article...

CP said...

Links are fixed now, thanks.

Franck said...

Hi CP. As you are, I'm happy with this new turn in our long term partenership with our americans friends. Fo too long, our political masters sent a strange message to our southern friends.

I served many times with the americans and I'm happy that finally, we seem's to be back on course.

Canadian Sentinel said...

We're definitely back on course, Franck.

The Canada-US relationship is as important and valued as ever. We're really the same people. Some Canucks are afraid of having a closer relationship with America due to the false propaganda which has been wrought by the former (and still in place, unfortunately) Liberal state apparatus which the former PMs used to their advantage to control and mold the federation however they saw fit, regardless of what the people wanted or what was right. Liberals want power and money and have demonstrated that they'll do whatever it takes to get and keep it all.

Thank goodness enough Canucks saw what was happening just in time to avert possible unity crises which were growing rapidly under Liberal rule. Whew! I hope more Canadians come to see the light and give Mr. Harper as much time as he needs to make Canada great, secure and prosperous again.