Thursday, June 08, 2006


May he rest without peace.


Canadian Sentinel said...

... or as someone linked to on said: "May he rest in pieces".

May he just lie there like the piece of you-know-what he always was.

Couldn't even operate a machine gun. An Islamic jihadist in sneakers. No better than a street punk in a big city wearing his pants around his knees and holding his gun all wrong...

Yep, that's the guy who led the "insurgency". Real impressive. One cannot respect nor honor an enemy so contemptibly pathetic.

Hope he's unceremoniously, quietly dumped by a solitary laborer into a latrine and covered with old shoes.

Way to make Allah proud, Zarq.

DDT said...

May he NOT rest at all!

Old terrorists never die, they just blow themselves up and then blame Israel!!