Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hezbollah Flamers

Hezbollah goons have set out again to disrupt Beirut. This picture reminds me of a bad kung-fu movie...and this song...


Canadian Sentinel said...

...produced and directed by Pallywood Films, Inc.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, and those guys could very well be Natives in Canada conducting a roadblock "protest"...

Can't really tell the difference.

Oh, and some Natives up here actually support the Hezzies...

Too bad you've been away, CP... I've covered plenty of incredible stuff going on up here...

For example:

Hezbollah. In Canada.


More, based on searchword "Hezbollah":


You'll be pleased to know that the new Conservative Canadian government over the past year has been standing up to the Islamists worldwide, prompting Hamas just yesterday to call it "extremist"... now, isn't that cool? Hamas calling us extremist. We've really gotten under their skin, which is good!

Can't resist one more for now:

Harper Stands Up For Israel at International Summit

Canada is a player again, world!

Hear us roar!