Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al-Fuqra Exposed

I've not been blogging actively this summer as you can see. However, I've not gone away altogether. This blog took a turn a couple years ago when I began writing here almost exclusively about Al-Fuqra and Muslims of America, thus I decided to create a new site as an archive of information on this group. I don't have a complete archive at the new site yet, but it does contain some additional information - links to additional information sources, photos, video, etc. I hope it will be of use to those who are interested.

Click here to visit AlFuqraExposed


Peter said...

Today is Vertical Day! To learn more, go to:

Michael Travis said...

Thank you so much! America must be made aware of the threat to our society but alas, up 'til now we have had to be a bit like Sherlock Holmes to gather together the information.

You have done a great service to your is very much appreciated!

Michael Travis

Unknown said...

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Christopher Logan said...

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