Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Terrorists in Rural America?

I ran across a blog yesterday I'd not read before called Gates of Vienna. One of the contributors, Baron Borissey, had a fascinating post about a terrorist organization out of Pakistan called Jamaat ul-Fuqra (aka al-Fuqra aka Fuqra) that apparently has several bases here in the US. Baron decided to get a close up view of one of their compounds in rural Virginia. He's got a couple maps and a picture of the front gate sign and guardhouse. Read the whole thing and read the comments that follow.

I looked around for some additional map/image info on the place. I found a topo for those interested. Also, Google Earth did not have a good aerial view, but MSN did - see below.

Click the image below for a topo map of the area from TopoZone

Click the image below for a detailed arial view of the compound from MSN Virtual Earth

It would be great to see an exposure of this and/or other such groups that are operating within our borders. Since the MSM fails to report real news anymore, it's up to citizen journalists to get this information out there. Hopefully other fellow bloggers will find some interesting stuff.

For more background on this group, read John J. Miller's National Review column from 2002 - here.

UPDATE: The other contributor at Gates of Vienna, Dymphna, notes that this terror group was just banned in the UK.

UPDATE: A reverse address search for "Shiekh Gilani Lane" in "Red House, VA" on turned up a list of seven individuals, presumably members or aliases of members of al-Fuqra. See the list - here.


PresbyPoet said...

Thank you for posting the very interesting air photo. It looks like there might be an airstrip to the right. I wonder if that is part of the property?

GJ Gillespie Artist said...

I hope the the NSA or the FBI knows about this. Why would we permit a terrorist training campu to exist in the US? Could this be hype?