Monday, November 07, 2005

Secret Fuqra Compound in VA (updated)

Well, once again, we learn something from the vigilant Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna. By way of a sparse mention in a news story from 2002 and a couple of contacts, he has come across another Fuqra compound in rural Virginia. The group calls itself the "Muslims of the Americas", what research has identified as the front organization for Sheikh Gilani's covert operators known as al-Fuqra.

Baron has a couple of maps and some pictures of the road leading to the compound as well as the entrance, where apparently the sign that use to indicate its presence has been removed.
It is located off State Highway 633 near the town of Meherrin, VA and a community called Virso. The address is "Mahareen Drive". Based on Baron's map, here is an aerial view from MSN Virtual Earth.

Before you continue, read Baron's entire post.

After reading this, I knew I had to dig deeper because I think he is on to something with this one. Having researched Fuqra for several weeks now, this compound is not mentioned in anything else that I have seen up to now. This is one of the ones they don't talk about and there are likely others that they don't talk about. So, today, let's shine a light on this place.

A reverse address search of Mahareen Drive turns up three Muslim names. Ok, no surprise there.

Here is where things get a little more interesting. According to their website, the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new member in its June 2002 newsletter - White Hawk Security Int'l. Inc. with the same address as the compound. Further searches revealed several other company locations in the area.

We know that members of the compound in Colorado and New York operated security companies. That status not only allows them to pursue contracts to make money, but to possibly gain access to facilities, and to provide easier access for weapons purchases. Of course, I have no knowledge of this company or any of its employees, I just find it really interesting and peculiarly circumstantial.

I was able to get some additional information on the company through a business database. The company does business as "Whsi Consulting". The line of business is "private security and consulting"; SIC Code is 7381 - "detective & armored car services" and their NAICS Code classification is 561612 - "security guards and patrol services". The database lists them as having 50 employees with annual sales of $20.0 million.

Now, to further connect the dots, since the company hq is located at the Meherrin compound, might there be some symbolism or connection to Islam in the use of "White Hawk" in the company name? The following should answer that question.

Here is an Islamic art work (known as a calligram) that depicts a "'white hawk' bringing a message to the mystic Abelqadar Jilali". Apparently, the name is misspelled or is a variation (of which there are several) of Abdel Qadir al-Jilani, a 12th-century Sufi leader. (There is a shrine to him in Baghdad.) There's more.

Here's the connection - a message called "The Flight of the White Hawk", translated by Sheikh Jilani himself, founder of al-Fuqra and Muslims of the Americas, who claims descendancy from the 12th-century predecessor.

UPDATE: Another detail that caught my eye in a homeland security report that Baron linked to from February 2002. This "peaceful" group is well-armed:
Owners of a gun shop in the area said members of the Muslim communities have bought several weapons over the past few years. They said their weapons of choice are high-priced, heavy-caliber handguns, which are purchased legally by members of the communities who possess valid Virginia driver's licenses. The owners said most of the purchases occurred before the September 11 attacks - including several men who purchased their legal limit of one handgun every 30 days. The gun-store owners also are aware of the group's devotion to Sheik Gilani as well as al-Fuqra. They sold weapons to Vicente Pierre, who was convicted in November of two felony firearms violations.
Question: If the shop owners know that these people are Islamic radicals with a history of violence, why are they selling them guns? I guess money still talks.

UPDATE: Regarding my last "question" there, I should correct my misconception. I found a transcript of a segment from NOW with Bill Moyers called "Gun Land". In it they feature the Virginia gun store owner I mentioned above. Turns out he did cooperate with the ATF by installing a hidden camera in his store which allowed the investigation to go forward.


Baron Bodissey said...

This is amazing -- as if I wasn't paranoid enough already.

All these things could be coincidences, but...


Jesse Clark said...

CP, great work. I left a comment about this on Baron's post, but apparently he already found it!

I'll have some information on JF in the Pacific Northwest in a few weeks when the semester is over and I have some free time.

Always On Watch said...

If they are coincidences, they are astounding ones.

Great sleuthing here.

DWPittelli said...

I think if they refused to sell to someone with a valid ID who passed instant check, for reason of ethnicity or religion, even if that is what we would consider a radical association, they would have reason to fear a lawsuit. Indeed, the ACLU might come to favor the 2nd Amendment!

Shadow5 said...

The comment about the Appomattox VA gunstore owner is out of line. I know him. He did not sell the firearms for the almighty dollar, but so the ATF could watch. Federal agenies are very patient.

Shadow5 said...

I Apologize to Baron. i jumped the "gun" :P in defending John before reading your next paragraph.

noorione said...

You all have th is community pegged wrong. There may have been mistakes made by individuals but that hardly warrants the entire community to be held under suspiscion. Why dont you post some of the positive contributions this community has made to the area. From what i understand they have a very good repore with their neighbors. Also thatis not a "secret" compund. Its on a rural road but no secret. come on. In conclusion. the term "White HAWk" is in reference to the spiritual journey taken by Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani to God . get a clue people.