Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gates of Vienna Exposes Another Suspicious Place in VA

Baron Bodissey adds yet another impressive contribution to the ongoing Jamaat ul-Fuqra investigation.

He took another "field trip" to a rural location very near the other two known JF compounds. This one to a seemingly-defunct property that housed a Muslim "school" and is now run by a "hunting club". He poses a number of questions worth considering.

Read his post here. And, commend him for his work.

It's unclear at this point what this particular location is or was. But, we know there is more light to be shed on these shadowy places. We know they exist. We know their history. We know there is more than one group out there. We know that the GWOT will take time. I know that he and I and many other bloggers believe that we will only be safer if these places are given a serious look. If we can help expose them, then so be it.


Robert Pearson said...

Happy chance--just posted on his piece and linked to GoV and you, and here you have your post. Good. As you say, give a serious look to these places, plus there are a lot more stories out there to be investigated. Bloggers as a distributed intelligence network is one of my big things. Thanks for your work on this!

Always On Watch said...

JF, TJ, and ISA (Islamic Saudi Academy). Just how many of these organizations are there?