Monday, February 20, 2006

FOX 5 NY Investigates NY Terror Camp

FOX 5 NY will be running an investigative report on the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra headquarters compound on Monday Night at 10 PM EST.

I spoke with the investigative reporter, who took a team up to Hancock and lets just say his report should be very enlightening.

The Catskill Chronicle has screenshots of the promo here, here, here, and here.

[UPDATE]: I had hoped to check out the liveblog account of this story at The Catskill Chronicle, but apparently a glitch in the Matrix occurred at just the wrong time last night and the site somehow went away. However, they have relaunched and are trying to get back up and running. Hope you didn't lose everything Al!

Here's the new page.

[UPDATE]: While I didn't get to see the broadcast or the liveblog, I thought I would relate what I learned from the Fox 5 NY reporter the other day since the story has now run.

He said while working on another story, he ran across the report on the NY compound on my website and decided to look into it. He took a team and rolled up to Hancock to see what was up. They talked to a couple of the neighbors who confirmed reports of strange activity. They said that the group used to march up and down the road dressed in fatigues and ammo belts and such, but that all stopped after 9/11.

The reporter mentioned an incident I'd recently heard about with a couple of phone guys that took place Jan. 16. They were working near the compound and a neighbor friendly to the Muslims, thinking the guys were FBI tipped them off, resulting in an unfortunate beating incident. The reporter said that there is a police incident report, but it was vague and I don't think it mentioned the compound. From what I hear, law enforcement is playing stuff about this place pretty close to the vest.

Anyway, the news team wired up and began surveilling the compound. He said he saw no armed patrol or guard at the guardshack while he was there. He did mention seeing several of the buildings and trailers and peculiarly, a school bus with the windows blown out of it.

After a while, they were approached and spoke to a couple of the compound's residents. Asking to see "the boss," they were told he was in the city and wouldn't be back until later, but then he showed up rather mysteriously. "The boss" was Hussain Abdallah, reportedly one of the early organizers of Fuqra in the United States and the guy that runs "786 Security" in Brooklyn. Abdallah said that his business had been raided by the IRS in Dec. 03 and the case was in process. The reporter said that a legal search of judgements or liens might turn something up. He owes something like $300K to the Feds and $40-50K to the state in taxes.

I couldn't believe he actually got an interview with this guy! In addition to the information he revealed about his business, he apparently got a little mouthy with his opinions toward Jewish people. He said something about Jewish conspiracies and then blamed them and the Bush administration for 9/11. Obviously, he's towing an extremist line. That's sure not gonna work to their favor.

[UPDATE]: Baron at Gates of Vienna has a post up about this as well. Go check it out.


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