Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Iyman Faris Seeks Terrorist Rights

In a recent post, I wrote about Al Qaeda member and possible Fuqra associate Iyman Faris, the Ohio truck driver sentenced in 2003 to 20 years for participating in a plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge.

I noted in a subsequent post that the government has said they broke up this plot by intercepting secret communications via the NSA.

Well, now it appears that Mr. Faris, who did confess to his crimes, feels his rights were violated. He's tried to withdraw his guilty plea and is all of a sudden claiming that the government shouldn't have been listening to his calls and by golly, where's his Miranda rights, too?

Read about it here, and here.

Let's hope the court stands firm on this guy. To overturn his sentence would be proposterous. The man admitted to the crime. If he doesn't know he has the right to remain silent, he's an idiot. How about the right of New Yorkers not to be blown up? The man was a close associate of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. A little perspective, please.

And, from all the media hype, you almost get the sense the media would like to see someone like this get off. To them, it would be a blow to the real criminal, George W. Bush, because he's "spying on Americans". Local police "spy" on Americans all the time. It's called law enforcement. Spying on terrorists is called being at war. We have to hold ground on this or we risk a return to "years of sabbatical," and God help us then.

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