Friday, April 07, 2006

Three Fuqra Bombers Deported From Canada

Well, here's some interesting news this week out of Canada. Three men, convicted for involvment in a Toronto bomb plot for the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra were deported from Canada on Wednesday having completed 12-year prison sentences.

(via CBC News)
Barry Adams, Amir Mohammed Ahmed and Abdul Baqqer were arrested in 1991 while crossing the border from the United States. They were convicted in 1994 of conspiring to bomb a temple and an East Indian movie theatre.

All three are members of Jammat ul-Fuqra, an extreme religious sect based in Pakistan.
A Weekly Standard article from 2002 provides some additional details about this particular case:
FUQRA terrorism in North America appears to have peaked in the early 1990s. In 1991, luck derailed Fuqra plans to bomb an Indian movie theater and a Hindu temple near Toronto. Five men were arrested at the Niagara Falls border crossing after U.S. Customs agents searched their cars and found photographs, floor plans, and videotapes of the interiors of the targets, details of "recon team," "guard team," and "hit team" roles, and a description of how "time delay" bombs could be placed below the cinema floor. A second document stated that targeting a Hindu temple would "allow for total focus on the Hindus without any other party being involved in the fallout." A Canadian jury convicted three American Fuqra members of "conspiracy to commit mischief endangering life." A fourth suspect, Max Lon Fongenie, who had come to Canada from Pakistan shortly before the plot was set in motion, fled back to Pakistan after his co-conspirators' arrest, according to evidence presented at the trial.


In an interview taped by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Gilani acknowledged that one or two of the men charged in the Toronto bombing conspiracy had studied with him in Lahore. Nevertheless, he insisted that Fuqra does not exist and that he does not advocate violence.
Another story on their releasefrom, a Caribbean news service, puts quotes around the word "terrorists" in the headline as if religiously-motivated bomb conspirators could be described otherwise. The article notes that both Adams and Ahmed hailed from Trinidad and Bagger was originally from the Dominican Republic.

It is known that Fuqra has long had a presence in the Caribbean. I wonder if they are connected to the Trinidadian group, Jamaat al Muslimeen?

The article ends with this little tidbit:
Deportees are often sent back to their home country but Border Services officials have declined to confirm whether the men were sent home, alluding to concerns over security.
That is interesting. I'm guessing this is due to one of two possibilities or both - they are concerned that citizens in the US or their home countries would be alarmed by their re-entry into society or, perhaps the men talked in prison and fear retribution from Gilani's thugs.

Follow these links to related stories from Canadian Press and Caribbean Net News.

[Hat tip to The Northeast Intelligence Network and The Canadian Sentinel for catching this story].
Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Canada


Canadian Sentinel said...

Nice post. Meantime, I came across some fascinating stuff on Gilani and JuF:

It's becoming clearer now to me that, though the MSM doesn't really trumpet about this group very loudly, many folks out there have been diligently looking into and writing on JuF.

There's a wealth of information out there.

Pity it's not really getting into the larger public consciousness. It's something which should be discussed more widely and frequently. If it is, then JuF would have an even more difficult time doing their stuff than they already do.

They shouldn't be able to hide behind their denials, their fronts or political correctness.

CP said...

I've actually been working on a story about the IPPA. I'll try to have it up soon.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Looking forward to the IPPA information.

And, FH, I'm sure you're too smart for the Fuqra-ers to get you.

Besides, we're watching them... and they know it. And I know where they'd likely strike where I live, so when I'm at those locations, I keep my eyes open.

It's important to get into the minds of the enemy, to think like they do, so as to be able to defeat them, and defeat them we will. I just fear that the way it'll work out, they're going to make the first move; draw first blood prior to it becoming politically imperative to strike back at them decisively.

I wish our governments would be more proactive in detecting the enemy and removing them before they can do their evil, though I realize that they might be observing the small fish (the sleeper cells) so as to perhaps be led to more of those baddies and bigger baddies. It's much like letting small time drug pushers lead police to the big distributors.

It's just that the suspense gets to oneself. Never know when they're going to strike next. They're astonishingly patient, like the spider waiting for the fly or like the lion waiting for his opportunity to chomp down on the gazelle's neck...

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