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Aliville: Another Islamist Village in Georgia

***Exclusive Investigative Report***

In December 2005, I posted information here about an Islamic settlement near Commerce, GA called Madinah Village that is linked to the Muslims of the Americas (MOA), the front organization for Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Additional research has led me to believe that there is another such village in the state, located in southeastern Georgia. For readers not familiar with MOA/Fuqra, they are reported to have at least two-dozen villages, or jamaats, around the country.

Last fall, following Hurricane Katrina, a pair of news stories appeared about a "charity" linked to the Muslims of the Americas called Hand to Hands Social Service Agency describing the contributions of several of its members from around the country to the relief efforts. [Hand-to-Hands is headquartered in Binghamton, NY; their website is]

One of the stories, from Spero News, mentions the names of a couple of women hailing from a place called "Aliville (Odem, GA)". After googling "Odem", I realized the town is actually spelled "Odum". It is not clear if the name of the town was misspelled intentionally. Nonetheless, after working through a number of search string combinations, I finally found what I believe to be Aliville. It lies 14 miles northeast of Odum just off Hwy 169 aka Lanes Bridge Rd in northern Wayne County.

Here's the most recent aerial I could find, courtesy of Yahoo! Maps Beta:

(click image to view in Yahoo! Maps Beta)

This is an aerial of the location taken in 1999 from USGS:

Once again, the MOA shows its knack for obscurity. This village is very rurally located. And, just as other MOA villages have given their roads Islamic-sounding names [Moslem Road in Hancock, NY; Islamville Way in York, SC; Mahareen Drive in Meherrin, VA; Sheikh Gilani Lane in Red House, VA], Aliville can be found on Mecca Circle. Several addresses are listed for Mecca Circle and additional residents are also listed on Oriole Road, which is the east-west road you see in the image.

Records from the Georgia Secretary of State's office indicate that at least one business is linked to the village. A company called Qasr Computing Solutions, Inc. maintains an address at Aliville.

The company's website [] says that they were formerly based in Jacksonville, FL and in fact, additional information I have discovered confirms that several Aliville residents had previously lived in Jacksonville. I am not currently aware of an MOA presence in Florida, but I consider it likely. However, I did also find additional information confirming that Aliville residents previously hailed from Dover, TN and Binghamton, NY, two locations with a known MOA presence.

As I said, the village is located in a very rural part of Georgia. It is not close to any metropolitan areas. So, as with the other villages, I looked to see what sort of strategic infrastructure there might be nearby. See, the MOA like to say that they live rurally to escape the temptations of worldly urban life. However, covert Fuqra operatives have exploited the fact that many of the MOA/Fuqra villages can be found near hard strategic targets [e.g., near power plants (including nuclear), military bases, reservoirs, etc.]. Considering Fuqra's shadowy connections to Pakistani intelligence, this fact is perhaps not coincidental.

As I panned outward on the map, I discoverd that Aliville is just about an hour's drive from Fort Stewart. Fort Stewart is the largest Army installation east of the Missisippi River. [Note: The Fuqra cell that was broken up in Colorado years ago was known to have conducted surveillance of several military facilities; the still-active compound at Dover, TN is just a few miles from Fort Campbell (map)].

In addition to Fort Stewart, Aliville is within a few hours drive of several significant military facilities that dot South Georgia.

(click image to enlarge)

I do not currently know what law enforcement authorities know about this location, if anything. I do know that it has not been written about in any of the materials re: MOA/Fuqra that I've seen. I will point out that it was not listed on the table of suspected compounds published by the National White Collar Crime Center in their report on Fuqra. The village at Meherrin, VA, which was exposed by Baron and myself, was not on that list either. It was one of Fuqra's more secretive villages and is known to have sheltered one of their most high-profile operatives while he was a wanted fugitive. Makes me wonder what might be going on in Georgia?

UPDATE: I failed to point out that the website for Qasr Computing Solutions is offline/inactive. However, you can see captures of the site at the Internet Archive.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Aliville is located near a nuclear plant. Click here for details.


Additional information:

Spero News - Hand to Hands offers Katrina victims aid in Texas

PRWEB - Islamic Faith Based Organization Brings Disaster Relief and Support to Victims of Hurricane Katrina

GA Secretary of State Records - Qasr Computing Solutions, Inc.

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[Hat tip to the Northeast Intelligence Network for the link]


Canadian Sentinel said...

Good work, CP. I've cross-posted this with a post of my own pointing to your report.

A note: the Qasr website is currently unavailable.

When did this happen? Were they spooked? If they took their site offline following your expose, then that only adds to the suspicions. They would appear to be hiding something... perhaps themselves?

CP said...


Thanks for the link. That's interesting about the company website. I think it was offline before my report. But, the Internet Archive's captures of the site are available - here.

BTW, Holy Islamville's website in SC just recently went offline.

CP said...
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Canadian Sentinel said...

CP, go see the post I just did on a similar Jamaat organization, Jamaat ul Dawa, operating out of Pakistan, which gives me the chills...

They were one of the terrorist organizations banned in Pakistan following 9/11 and are a mortal enemy of India.

They are pure fundamentalists, yet they claim to reject jihad and denounce terrorism as terrorism, but as I demonstrate, they're lying, just as has the Fuqra.

They're also linked to AQ:

"Senior al-Qa’ida lieutenant Abu Zubaydah was captured at an LT safe house in Faisalabad in March 2002, suggesting some members are facilitating the movement of al-Qa’ida members in Pakistan."

Are you familiar with this group? Is the NEIN?

CP said...


I'd seen that anecdote about Abu Zabaydah before. From just a quick search and scan, it looks like Jamaat ud Dawa is the same as the LET, they just changed their name. That's what a lot of these groups do when they come under the heat.

FYI - Gilani's group is known primarily as Jamaat ul-Fuqra in the US but the Pakistani crew is often known as Tanzeem (or Tanzim) ul-Fuqra.

Exile said...

I just posted on this and the fact that Jamaat al-Fuqra isn't even on the watch list.
See my blog and read "The enemy within".

Unknown said...

The jamaat outside of Odum, Ga. is listed as being owned by KAREEM MUHAMMAD ABDUL. His name pops up a couple of times with a Jacksonville Fl, charity. The charity is known as the Malivai Washington Kids foundation. He appears to be a donor. He used to have a Jacksonville Fl. address on the tax card until recently. He seems to be the link to Fl that you are missing although that is nowhere near a definitive link.

Unknown said...

Sorry, My post should read, "the village outside of...". I was trying to do too many things at once.