Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UPDATE: Aliville Located Near Nuclear Plant

Last Sunday, I wrote a post about Aliville, an obscure settlement linked to the Muslims of the Americas in SE Georgia. I included a map in that post showing the proximity of Aliville to several military bases in the region.

Yesterday, a reader alerted me that Alille is located just 24 miles downriver from the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant (aka Plant Hatch).

Click here for map

This makes the third known MOA/Fuqra encampment that is located close to a major power generation facility. Holy Islamville is situated just six miles west of the Catawba Nuclear Station in York, SC, and the Dover, TN compound can be found just over 7 miles west of the TVA's Cumberland Fossil Plant.

The reader also noted that another major military base is in the region as well, but wasn't on the map I showed in the other post. Naval Air Station Jacksonville (Florida) is about 120 miles from Aliville. It is the third largest naval installation in the United States.

Southern Company - Plant Hatch

Imagery of Plant Hatch - Yahoo! Maps Beta / Google Maps / Windows Live Local

GlobalSecurity.org - Naval Air Station Jacksonville


Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah... Are we surprised?

Hmm... there's a nuclear power plant not too far away from where I live. Add that to the colossal petroleum refining complex, its many huge storage tanks, the exposed natural gas pipelines and electrical transformer stations all over the same area...

Perhaps I should try some open source research for my area. Never know what one will turn up...

Good work, CP.

christianaction said...

great work...would like to chat about your information on Jamaat ul-Fuqra. email me at jpcampbell70@msn.com