Monday, June 04, 2007

Islamberg on Fox News

Just heard the intro for John Gibson's show Big Story and he teased a story on Islamberg. Stay tuned...

[UPDATE] Gibson ran a segment on the JFK plot and the Fed's hopes to connect Adnan Shukrijumah, a "most wanted" suspect, to it. He then interviewed former CIA operative Mike Baker, a Fox News contributor, and asked him about the "homegrown" issue saying, "What about Islamberg?" Baker then discussed Jamaat ul-Fuqra and the fact that the [front] organization is tax-exempt and claims to be non-violent, but in fact, Gilani has established some dozen compounds (mentioning Colorodo and Holy Islamville in SC) around the U.S. and is indeed connected to a violent history. As an aside, he said that Holy Islamville's name came from an exclaimation from Robin to Adam West on the old Batman TV show..."Holy Islamville, Batman!" Haha. If I can get the video later, I'll put it up.

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Michael Travis said...

Poor ol' Muzziewumps! Jus' 'cuz they dress up like idiots and follow a known "terrorist personality", doesn't make them less American than say....Keith Ellison!

Paul will be on Fox and friends this evening (or is it very early Friday...I am not familiar with their programming).

There must be hundreds upon hundreds of nasty American patriots writing disparaging things about Al Fuqra this month...........let's hope things get even hotter for the assholes.