Thursday, October 07, 2004

Chirac's Talk is Cheap.

Jacques Chirac, from Hanoi, no less, said today that global diversity would face "catastrophe" if American hegemony went unchallenged and that the world's cultures could be "choked" by U.S. values.

Apparently, his remembrance speech on D-Day, four months ago yesterday didn't mean much. His speech that day paid tribute to the sacrifice our soldiers gave to liberate his country and indeed the world. Chirac referred to America as France's "eternal ally" and extolled the cultural bond and "shared values" between our countries. He said, "This friendship remains intact to this day: confident, exigent, founded in mutual America's time of trial, when barbarity wreaks death and destruction in America and elsewhere in the world, France stands foursquare with every man and woman in America..."

It seems, they were but empty words from this man who claims to be our friend. His talk is cheap. He is not our friend. He and his countrymen sold us out. There is a saying that "the friend of my enemy is my enemy." As the UN Oil-For-Food investigation comes to light, it is increasingly more evident that the French were complicit in Saddam's defiance of the U.S. How long can people like John Kerry ignore things like this and claim that the French are on our side?

Senator Kerry finally admitted this week that getting French and German troops to serve in Iraq was not likely. However, he keeps claiming that Bush drove them away and we've alienated them. I think France made a decision a while back about their "alliance" with the U.S. and I don't think they have any intention of reconciling it any time soon.

There's a new book out about France and America's long, but questionable "alliance". Here's some excerpts and the author's website for the book. Here's another book and an excerpt.

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