Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kerry Any Weight?

Well, the junior senator from Massachusetts has been on a 13-day trip to the Middle East visiting U.S. troops, regional leaders, and observing the Palestinian elections.

The absence of John Kerry from my television screen since the election has been fantastic. Add to my surprise when I heard he was making what seemed like a self-appointed diplomacy tour of the Middle East. I thought it grossly inappropriate (though, was not surprised) that he lambasted the Commander-in-Chief, from the warzone while visiting our troops. It's a wonder he didn't make some sort of Cheney-Halliburton reference while he was at it.

One of the stops on his tour is Syria. Question: Why are we letting John Kerry discuss relations with the Syrian president? Does that seem strange to anyone else? Maybe the State Dept. figures what's the harm since Kerry obviously doesn't speak for the Administration.

I haven't noticed very many news stories covering Kerry's trip, however I did run across this revelation of a headline, "Kerry: Arabs frustrated by U.S. policies ". Really? I had no idea. As comedian Brian Regan would say, "You're breakin' some new ground there, Copernicus."

Once again, Kerry is quick to blame America for the world's problems. How about this for a headline, Senator, "CP: American frustrated by Arab policies". How does that strike you? I find it hard to believe that all of the streets in the Arab world are one-way.

Finally, this cartoon pretty much sums up Kerry's Carter-esque diplomacy.
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