Friday, January 14, 2005

Hail to the Chief

Well, the Bush haters are complaining again. This time they’ve decided to complain about how much the inauguration festivities are going to cost – reported to be some $40 million.

All of this money does not come out of taxpayer coffers, however. Corporations and individuals give private money to cover most of the cost. The inauguration is an event for the people, and with their willing donations…by the people.

See, I view the inauguration as a time when the nation is supposed to be united. It’s a chance for the President to reach out and inspire. It is a day to be proud as a nation and to celebrate our freedom and the fact that our democracy works. The only reason liberals are complaining about this is because they so hate President Bush that they nearly feel suicidal when they wake up in the morning and they can’t enjoy life as we know it.

Now, these liberals - still frustrated that a majority of the country voted for him over their guy, are making up all kinds of reasons why this money shouldn’t be spent; why it should all be canceled; why nobody should have any fun; and why Republicans are insensitive to everyone and everything. These people just have to politicize everything.

They’re saying, “Well, we should spend that money for tsunami victims…or, the war in Iraq…or buying drugs from Canada” or whatever-else they can come up with to sound self-righteous. These issues have nothing to do with the inauguration. Why don’t they tell Hollywood and the sports world to stop paying people $40 million apiece and mayb they can contribute something useful for once? “Next!” CBS quoted political heavyweight, check that, obnoxious NBA owner and billionaire Mark Cuban as saying the inaugural should be canceled due partly to the “declining economy”. Well, that’s just idiotic (and he voted for Bush!). One congressional Democrat said it was against precedent to have a celebration during wartime. I ask, what better forum for the Commander-in-Chief to speak to the nation about our wartime commitment?

So, I decided to look up how much Clinton’s (pre-9/11) inaugurals cost. As usual there is a double standard to the liberals’ complaints in that restraint in such extravagance does not apply to them and their kind.

Clinton’s first inaugural - $33 million.
Adjusted for inflation (1992 dollars vs. 2004 dollars) = $ 44,525,302.92.

Clinton’s second inaugural - $29.6 million.
Adjusted for inflation (1996 dollars vs. 2004 dollars) = $ 35,712,428.30

Bush’s first inaugural - $40 million.
Adjusted for inflation (2000 dollars vs. 2004 dollars) = $ 43,972,125.44

Bush’s second inaugural - $40 million (2004 dollars).

(Source for inflation adjustment: Consumer Price Index Calculator, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis).

Maybe it is all overdone, but if private money covers the tab, what’s the big deal?

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