Thursday, January 20, 2005

Third Party Spoiler

Last week, Howard Fineman over at MSNBC proclaimed the death of the "Media Party". It struck me that a member of the MSM (mainstream media) would say this in such terms, but he is right. I've been telling family and friends for a while now that the MSM has essentially been acting as a de facto third party in American politics, and for what? What has been the media's goal? They seem to take pride in deceiving and dividing the country. What good does that do?

Lt. Col. Tim Ryan of the Army's 1st Cavalry expressed recently exactly what "good" it does. He says the media has been complicit in aiding and abetting the enemy. I couldn't agree more.

I don't know if the CBS scandal has really killed off the Media Party just yet, as CBS still refuses to admit bias, but the whole ordeal was certainly a blow to them. There are other elements of this party that have not yet learned enough from this either, but all in due time.

The New Media is here it and isn't going anywhere.

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