Friday, February 17, 2006

CP on the Radio Today

Today, I will be a guest on Kevin McCullough's Musclehead Revolution, on WMCA in New York City.

The Revolution begins at 2 PM EST. I should be on somewhere around 3:20 or thereafter.

Tune in if you live in the area or go to the website and listen live online.

[UPDATE]: Had a great time on the show today and there was definitely some good discussion and call-ins afterward. Kevin encouraged New Yorkers to contact Senators Clinton and Schumer to let them know they want this issue addressed. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath with those two.

[AUDIO]: You can download podcasts of the show at the show's website in a section called PodPlus. Scroll down to "Kevin McCullough Live From New York WMCA570 Hour 2". My interview starts about 22 minutes in. The interview went through two segments and is about 20 minutes. Hour three (listed just below that as "Kevin McCullough Live From New York WMCA970") includes listener calls and spirited commentary by Kevin McCullough. I have also made the audio available for stream or download here.

[UPDATE]: Kevin has a post up on his blog about our interview and the NY training camp. See it here.


The Catskill Chronicle said...

Way to go! I tried to pull WMCA in on my longwire antenna and Hallicrafters radio, but distance, hash, and powerline problems proved too much.

Best regards,


The Catskill Chronicle said...

Fox News 5, Ch. 5 , New York is running a promo about their investigation into the camp, a banner story to premier Monday at 10 PM.

Apparently they were videotaping there this weekend. They label it a "Terrorist camp".

Thought you'd like to know. Am promoting it heavily here.


Peakah said...

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to spread the word, but I posted about your work here.

Excellent work and congrats on the attention you so greatly deserve!

We may never know how many lives your work may save.

Thanks for the email alert, keep up the great work.

Peakah said...

Yikes, can i possibly use the word 'work' any more in one comment?

Just got done listening to your radio interview.

Great uhhh, work!