Monday, February 20, 2006

A Few Notes

Well, folks, the story I've been working on these last few months here at this blog, along with a few others, gained significant steam this week as you might have noted from my last couple of posts. If you are new to this blog, I want to point you to some others who have been following events in the GWOT.

Gates of Vienna deserves a definite look and should be credited for bringing this story out in the first place. They continue to stand in the gap aginst Islamofascism. Also, WWIV Daily and Always On Watch have been faithfully following current events on their blogs.

I should thank Peakah for his very kind words. He's got a great blog called Peakah's Provocations that you should check out.

I have also been recently introduced to the Canadian blogosphere and was made aware that yes, Conservatives do exist up there! I will probably have more to come on this topic, but for now, go check out The Canadian Sentinel and AB Freedom.

And, to the person who emailed me called "Maccabee" - my email came back when I tried to reply to you, so if there's another email address or something where I can contact you, let me know.


ABFreedom said...

Thank you for all your hard work, and I've given you full credit in the latest live blog post. I originally picked it up from CS, and wasn't quite sure who started it.

Yup, there's conservatives up here, primarily in Alberta, where it's all conservative .. LOL

Just so you know, Gayle at:
has written letters to all the politicians on this, and has posted up what she sent. Your story has now been spread far and wide with more people picking it up daily ... congrats' on the excellent work.

Peakah said...

thanks for the kind words my friend and for your outstanding work!