Saturday, March 18, 2006

Democrats Seek to Lower Morale

The Washington Times is reporting the contents of the newest Democratic strategy to oppose President Bush. They desire a plan that will exploit the military, including veterans' families, for political gain, weaken the president, and destroy morale throughout the country.

The directives of Senate Minority Loser Harry Reid are despicable. This man serves no useful purpose to this country and his entire party should be ashamed of him and itself. The Democrats gasp when they perceive that others question their patriotism. Well, take a deep breath Dems, because I absolutely question it.


The Party of Pessimism is not believable as the Party of Patriotism. They have fought our Commander-in-Chief at every turn. They have worked to limit our ability to fight this war. They have said that Iraq was not part of the War on Terror. They have sought to pull our troops out of theater while they are still engaged in combat. They have depicted our troops as senseless torturers over and over again. They have advocated that we fight a more "sensitive" war on terror believing that the enemy will relent. They have tried to get election votes from military personnel overseas thrown out. Their presidential nominee famously "voted for the $87 billion" to support the troops "before he voted against it".

This latest strategy is born of pure political calculation. There is not one shred of nobility in it because the Democrats cannot be trusted. The value of this planned series of stunts is found in the photo-op and negative coverage for the President. There is no message of national unity or sense of mission here. Their enemy is George W. Bush and they will do everything in their waning power to weaken him. In doing so, they have propelled an image of collective weakness beyond our shores, and our country and our troops have suffered for it. Democratic talking points have become a must read for the propagandizers of al-Jazeera and al-Qaida.

The Democrats have no message and no solutions. They have consistently said they support the troops, but oppose the mission. They have consistently encouraged opposition from needed allies and insulted those who have contributed with their own blood. Now, they are seeking to "support the troops" by driving a wedge between them and their Commander-in-Chief. They want to stage press events with active-duty military personnel, so that they can bash the President. This is outrageous!

Can you imagine anything like this during World War II? Lobbying for special treatment of Nazi prisoners-of-war? Staging press events with soldiers on Iwo Jima telling Roosevelt to pull out of the Pacific?

Today's Democratic Party just incenses me to no end.

Consider the recent treasonous actions of their beloved ex-president Jimmy Carter, who personally lobbied foreign countries to vote against the United States at the UN Human Rights Commission. To what lengths will they go? How many people have to die before they recognize who the enemy is? Will it take a mushroom cloud in an American city to wake them up? Will they be steadfast even then? God help us.

I believe we are engaged in a conflict far more expansive than they or most people realize. The recent protests over the "Mohammad cartoons" should illustrate that. These protests were seen the world over and were based on something so inconsequential as a pencil drawing in a newspaper. If the sheer rage of these events doesn't show people that this war, not just against guns and bombs, but with hearts and minds, is not a long war, then I don't know what will.

We must be united in this fight. We cannot stand for subversive posturing from those who would send us back to the "years of sabbatical". We must say to our enemies, "Sic Semper Tyrannis!" and to our people, "E Pluribus Unum!"

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Peakah said...

It's sad how often we have to re-remind ourselves of the full context of the situation... when you let your guard down, all the naysaying by the media and those who exploit the media for their own political gain almost gets to ya.

Great post and reminder of the greater scope of things. Hope you had a relaxing weekend brah.