Thursday, March 16, 2006


Hey folks, sorry for the light posting the last couple weeks. Just been a little busy. Should be back to it this weekend.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Happens to all of us. Stuff comes up. Seems lots of folks are going light on the blogs at the moment.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thee sought for surveilling Sears Tower... JTTF investigating:

TonyGuitar said...

GOOD News:
Ganji has been released after 6 years confined!

Iran is getting the message at last.. The force of the recent insurgency clean-up north of Baghdad may have been noticed by AMADinejad via Al-Jazeera TV.

Posts similar to mine on Persian blogsites to the effect that the US give Iran 6 days notice before installing the *Green Glow* that makes street lighting unnecessary. [ tongue in cheek], may have made for a little uneasiness.

Ganji, looking like death warmed over, due to his hunger strike, came in TV camera view exclaiming how he was abused and pouring vitriol on his captors. He has no fear of death.

TV cameras showed Ganji and his wife and others smiling broadly and very happy.
Whatever, it is good news. TG