Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogger goes on radio to talk about JF

Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna blog was a guest today on Ken Bagwell's radio program Heads Up America. I tuned in via the live internet stream from WZNN SuperTalk 1350, a station out of Asheville, NC.

Several people called in - among them was fellow blogger Jesse Clark, of the WWIV Daily blog.

Ken seemed really interested in learning more about al-Fuqra and hopefully through this broadcast, he has interested a lot of other folks. It was a good interview and discussion. Maybe he'll do some follow-ups.

Hat tip to Baron for mentioning The Politics of CP! I appreciate it.


quark2 said...

You're being mentioned over at Lfg
on the PJ Media profile thread.

CP said...

Hey - that's great! 'preciate it.