Friday, October 21, 2005

Fuqra Headquarters: Hancock, NY

The headquarters of Sheikh Gilani's followers in the U.S. is located in a rural area near between the towns of Hancock, Tompkins, and Deposit. [The address is 2732 Roods Creek Road Hancock, NY 13783]. The compound is known as Islamberg. The New York Post did a story about the group's compound in February 2002. An excerpt...

The FBI has said it has investigated Muslims of the Americas and come up with nothing.

None of the residents of the Tompkins enclave has been arrested or charged with terrorist activities.

But critics say the group is dangerous.

A federal agent testified last year [2001] that members of ul-Fuqra who engaged in violent acts in the United States were trained at the Tompkins settlement....

The entrance to the 70-acre enclave, located 45 miles southwest of Binghamton, includes a small gate and guard shack. A sign welcomes you to Islamberg.

A cluster of trailers serves as a Muslim parochial school, and an old hunting lodge has been turned into a school.

Many of the residents work as toll collectors at New York City's bridges and tunnels. Others work at one of the area's largest firms, Deposit Computer Services, in nearby Deposit.
Bridges and tunnels, huh? That's not alarming or anything! Geez.

According to the website for Deposit Computer Services the company is engaged in
"Data Conversions; Credit Card Processing - Visa and Master Card Applications, Visa and Master Card Drafts; Image Scanning and Capture; Image Reject Re-entry; Duplex Scanning; Complete Microfilming Services; Data Base Administration; Storage Retrieval; Software and Services; Remittance Processing; Software Development; OCR / ICR Services; Fulfillment Programs; Laser Printing; T1, 3780, 3770, Synchronized Dial-Up Communications"
Their customer base includes "both public and private companies that span across 30 states, many of whom are Fortune 100 businesses." Employees working for a company like that could have the ability to gather information on US companies or, access information with which to conduct identity theft.

Here is a highlighted overview map of the area from MSN

Click this link to see the satellite view of the Moslem Road compound.

I feel it is important to note that this compound is just two miles from the Cannonsville Reservoir, one of the water supply sources for New York City.

I'm trying to gather some more info on this location and I'll post an update when I get it.


CP said...

conservative mutant,

I'll check out that article.

I haven't been able to confirm whether or not there is more than one compound in the Hancock/Deposit area.

citizen_us said...

I live in Michigan, and have read that there is a JF compound in the Coldwater, MI area.
I am unable to locate the compound through websearches, google earth and msn virtual earth.

Baron at Gates of Vienna suggested I post a comment here.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

antifraud said...


Have you seen this site?

Have found quite a few interesting things last night and today while bouncing around from this site and the baron's site. I appreciate your efforts here and also what the baron is doing.

CP said...


I don't yet have any information on the Coldwater, MI location, but I'm working my way through the list and hope to look soon. I'll let you know if I find something.

CP said...


I have seen that site, haven't read all the way through it, but I'm aware of it. Thanks for posting.

citizen_us said...

Thanks, PoliticalCP. I will continue to pursue that end, as well.

If it is there, one would think we should be able to locate it.