Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gates of Vienna

Baron Bodissey will be talking about JF on the radio tomorrow! Tune in if you can.

Also, he has a post up about JF Headquarters, which I'll have more on tomorrow.

To paraphrase Shepard Smith, "As the war on terror continues, stay brave, stay aware and stay with us!"


Jesse Clark said...

Glad to hear there are more Shep fans out there! By the way, what does the CP stand for?

CP said...

just a nickname from way back - i promise it doesn't stand for "crazy people". ha!

The Truth Teller said...

Though I haven't done any commenting, I've been reading the posts at Gates of Vienna and yours here about JF.

Many different jihadi groups find their ideology in the Koran and in the ahadith. Al-Qaeda draws much public attention, largely because of 9/11, yet other such groups also exist.

What I find most disturbing about JF is the group's activity within our prisons. The population there is ripe for the picking.

Blog on!

Always On Watch said...

Due to work obligations, I've been unable to keep up with this story. However, I am reading more now. I don't like the implications of what I'm learning! A 5th column?

Baron has been doing a good job--as have you.