Monday, October 31, 2005

What's in a name?

Doing some research on the Islamic presence in NY, I ran across this entity whose very name begs the question, What is This!?! In Mount Vernon, NY, there is a "mosque", listed as an incorporated entity, also listed as a medical clinic, called the Jihad Dawah Center. That's right folks, "Jihad" is actually in the name. It's located at 10 S. 2nd Ave., Suite 3, Mount Vernon, NY. You can see it up close in Google Earth. Looks like a commercial block. As it is in "Suite 3", a few other things occupy this address as well. Doesn't seem like a typical location for a "mosque".

Now, if someone could reassure me that this is not, as its name suggests, a jihadi recruitment center/medical clinic, I would appreciate it.

Jamaat ul-Furqan

On October 10, 2005, the UK decided to ban 15 foreign terrorist organizations. Among them was Jamaat ul-Furqan. Obviously, the name is similar to Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Blogger Dymphna notes that she consulted terrorism expert Daniel Pipes who confirmed that they were the same group. I have found other information to support this.

Due to the spelling discrepancy and the potential for separate information related to the UK branch, I began searching for information on “Jamaat ul-Furqan”. As a result, I found more information on the organization and its connections to terror.

As I further research this group and its connections, I am trying to put together a possible picture of how it may be organized. I will post this information in later posts. Note that mine are assumptions or observations based on the open source information that I have been able to gather. Certainly, government agencies may have investigated these leads in more detail and may have arrived at different conclusions, or they may not have made their findings public. Nonetheless, here are my thoughts up to now.

As I see it, Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Furqan is the covert operations arm. Its existence is denied. Just as members of the mafia may deny that La Cosa Nostra exists, we all know that it does. This arm is likely made up of various cells and/or roving operators.

Muslims of the Americas is the public front and represents the U.S. support base. By “support base”, I mean devoted supporters who may not be involved in operations, but still comprise part of the infrastructure and, it is likely they are committed to become operators if necessary. They also contribute financially to the group by working various jobs or operating legitimate businesses. Some of them may perform some operational function (access, intel, etc.) as part of their job (e.g., some of the residents at the Hancock, NY compound reportedly work as bridge and tunnel workers in NYC). Their locations may serve as safehouses for roving operational members. Given traditional cell structures, members may not be aware of the status of these operators.

International Qur’anic Open University is also part of that front and may aid in recruitment efforts. “Religious education” may be the modus operandi for attracting “fellow brothers” to their camps. Following their “training”, they may return home or move on to another area.

Reading the connections and the history of this group, it continues to baffle me that this group was removed from the U.S. State Dept. terror list while they have since been banned in both Pakistan and the UK. Given the Clinton administration’s passive approach to terrorism, I’m not fully surprised. Also, since terrorism was previously considered just a law enforcement issue, the attacks carried out by JF may not have been explicitly associated with terrorism in legal investigations. Murder and white collar crime might just have been assumed to be run-of-the-mill crimes and nothing more. I suppose that after 2000, the focus of the State Dept. has been focused elsewhere. However, the group has since been linked to several high-profile cases that should warrant a reconsideration of their status. And, if the State Dept. is remiss to put them on the foreign terror list, then the FBI or Homeland Security should place them on the domestic list.

Joe Wilson gets a pass from NBC & CBS

NBC and CBS both had Joe Wilson on Sunday night.

On Dateline, Wilson was interviewed by MSNBC reporter Campbell Brown. I sat through it and was entirely frustrated, though not surprised. Campbell just sat there baiting Wilson and accepting his responses like they were the God's honest truth. She never questioned his answers. It was one of the fluffiest games of softball I've ever seen. Wilson's wife was made the victim, the Bush administration was the perpetrator, and Wilson himself was the whistleblower.
CBS duplicated this exercise on 60 Minutes. Blanton, at Redstate, notes this, "It seems that CBS and, in particular, 60 Minutes, is *the* place to go when you want to air a grievance against the Bush Administration."

On Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams was trying to make a big deal of what the Libby case showed with regards to Wilson and the "16 words" in the State of the Union and the supposed "outing" of Plame. Brit Hume stopped him and said, "Somebody needs to hose you down" and went on to say that Wilson's trip had been discredited and that Wilson himself had lied about the trip and that it's still unclear whether Plame was covert or not.

These last couple of points need to be repeated continuously amidst this whole mess. Joe Wilson is not credible or reliable as far as the truth is concerned AND no one has clarified whether Valerie Plame was even a covert agent. That fact should have been confirmed at the very beginning of this whole investigation. But, still, no one seems to know for sure. At the very least, it doesn't seem that Plame and Wilson were that concerned about it when they appeared in their photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

Friday, October 28, 2005

That's It?

I recently discovered that the Washington Post's national and homeland security correspondent has a blog called Early Warning. I was looking over his recent posts and in his post from October 7, William Arkin writes:
I had earlier filed away a statement that former State Department and CIA counter-terrorism pooh-bah Cofer Black made at the International Association of Prosecutors conference in Washington on August 11. Black said that since 9/11, the United States and its allies have killed or detained more than 3,000 terrorists in more than 100 countries.

"I am able to report to you that more than one-half of al-Qaeda's top leadership has been killed or captured," he said.

That's it? Ten plots, 3,000 terrorists, more than one-half the leadership? I know these numbers are intended to convey that the war on terrorism has been a success. To me though, it just conveys how stuck the Bush administration is in a go-nowhere-fight-forever-kill-the-terrorists-one-at-a-time strategy.

(Emphasis mine)
What does he mean, "That's it?"!?! As if that is some sort of insignificant accomplishment! What an asinine comment to say something like, "That's it?"! And then he says it "conveys how stuck the Bush administration is in a go-nowhere-fight-forever-kill-the-terrorists-one-at-a-time strategy".

Well, for one, it's not like the terrorists are all in one place, so a kill-the-terrorists-all-at-once strategy isn't very feasible. But, please enlighten us, Gen. Arkin (Armchair Ret.) as to what your brilliant alternative might be. If you haven't noticed, the Global War on Terror isn't just a problem for the Bush administration, or its supporters. We're all in it. And personally, I do sleep a little better knowing 10 plots have been stopped and that 3,000 of the plotters have been killed or captured. That's a few thousand dead Americans we didn't have to bury. And that's not insignificant. If you don't get that, then I guess you're just "stuck on stupid."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Digest of Jamaat ul-Fuqra Coverage

UPDATED [6/13/07]: This is a reference page for all of the information I have posted in my independent investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra and its front organization, Muslims of the Americas. For more recent updates, go to


Terrorists in Rural America?

Terrorists in rural America...continued

Jamaat ul-Fuqra

More Background on Fuqra

Gates of Vienna Sheds More Light on JF

The commitment of Sheikh Gilani's Followers

Weekly Standard article on Fuqra - March 2002

Jamaat ul-Furqan

Gilani's Second Afghan Jihad

Gilani Lives Large in Lahore

Jamaat ul-Fuqra: Homegrown Islamic Radicalism Since 1979

Sheikh Gilani: His Strange Beliefs in the World of Jinn

The Journalist & The Jihadi

An American Islamic Mafia? [w/ VIDEO]

Fuqra & Operational Security [NEW]


Jamaat ul-Fuqra Compounds

Fuqra Compound: Colorado

Fuqra Compound: Baladullah, CA

Fuqra Community: York County, SC

UPDATE: Fuqra Compound: York, SC

Fuqra Headquarters: Hancock, NY

Secret Fuqra Compound in VA

MOA/Fuqra Community: Commerce, GA

Jamaat ul-Fuqra/MOA Compound: Dover, TN

Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Canada

Aliville: Another Islamist Village in Georgia

UPDATE: Aliville Located Near Nuclear Plant

Al Fuqra Security Company/Training Facility near Atlanta Airport?

Aliville: A Blogger Went Down to Georgia

Associates & Connections

Clement Rodney Hampton-El

Khalid Khawaja

Wadih El-Hage

Major al-Qaeda operative a member of Gilani's circle

Al Qaeda Member Iyman Faris Also Linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra?

Fuqra Fugitives

The Incarceration of Edward Flinton

Three Fuqra Bombers Deported From Canada

Fuqra Profile Reveals Additional International Connections

Gilani & Sudan: The Turabi Connection [VIDEO ADDED]

Notorious Fuqra Cell Member Denied Parole: The Incarceration of Edward Flinton, Part II

Muslims of the Americas tied to Muslim Brotherhood?

Fuqra Associate Linked to Neo-Taliban Cabal [NEW]

Fuqra/Taliban/Qaeda Associate Khawaja Set for Release, Arrested Again [NEW]

Registered Sex Offender Living at "Holy Islamville" [NEW]


Exclusive: Document reveals clues about investigation of NY Muslim compound prior to 1993 WTC attack [UPDATE: DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT EMBEDDED - 5/18/07]

Special Report: NY Headquarters

STAY TUNED: Upcoming Special Report on Jamaat ul-Fuqra

SPECIAL REPORT RELEASED: Jamaat ul-Fuqra Training Compound Inside the United States [UPDATE: DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT EMBEDDED - 5/15/07]

Sheikh Gilani Responds to Special Report by CP & Northeast Intelligence Network
Pakistani Sheikh Responds

A Response to Gilani's Claims

Former Fuqra Member Seeks to Expose Gilani

Eyes On JF

Government Investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra

Call to Designate Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Follow Up: Terrorist Organization Designation

Domestic Spying on "Muslims of America" Organization?

Counterfeit Ring Broken Up [Exclusive - NEW]

Media Exposure

Blogger goes on radio to talk about JF

Jamaat ul-Fuqra Investigation Makes Lead Story on WorldNetDaily!

CP on the Radio

FOX 5 NY Investigates NY Terror Camp

FOX Carolina Visits Holy Islamville

Coverage of Sheikh Gilani Lane Controversy [w/ VIDEO]

Fox News Visits Red House! [NEW]

Fox News Channel Reports on Muslims of America [NEW]

Muslims of America Story Makes Front Page on [NEW]

New York Post Runs Story on Islamberg [NEW]

Islamberg on Fox News [NEW]

More Islamberg on Fox News [NEW]

Islamberg Gets Top Billing on [NEW]



Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna Exposes Another Suspicious Place in VA

Muslim Teachers College

Politics of CP & Gates of Vienna Cited in NYPD's Terrorism Weekly

The Value of Open Source Intelligence -

For Additional Information
See the Gates of Vienna blog

Weekly Standard article on Fuqra – March 2002

Scanning the internet for articles on Fuqra and its history, I have located a few which I will excerpt later.

This one was filled with so much information, you really should read the whole thing.

Sheikh Gilani’s American Disciples

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The commitment of Sheikh Gilani's followers

I’ve been conducting back searches for news coverage that has been given to al-Fuqra in the past. It seems the group has had about five minutes of fame, but after that, the media moved on.

A few stories might have run in print, or during the evening dinner hour, but then they went back to falsifying memos, covering car chases, and observing the anniversary of the OJ verdict. You know, more important stuff.

I found a story from 2002 that mentioned a man named Khalid Khawaja. I will have more detail on him later, but this should serve as an adequate introduction for now -

“In the world of militant Islam, Khalid Khawaja seems to be a friend of just about everyone. Osama Bin Laden is one of his closest friends. But he is even closer to Gilani.”
So, if Gilani claims he does not know bin Laden directly, it seems they at least have a mutual friend.

Up to now, I was under the assumption that Gilani was sitting in a Pakistani prison. Now, since news coverage of him has been spotty since then, I’m not sure that he is. I knew that he had been arrested after Daniel Pearl was killed, but then I read this -

“Seven days after being jailed in connection with the Pearl kidnapping, Khawaja was the first to hear the news of Gilani’s release.”
Unless he was arrested again, he may in fact be sitting free inside his walled compound in Lahore. If someone can clarify this, please do so in the comments or via email.

There was also this -

"Gilani says that he is used to being a suspect whenever there is a terrorist act against the U.S."
Now, I wonder why that is?

The story went on to quote Gilani spewing propaganda about how peaceful his followers are and how the U.S. is such a free place for Muslims.
"This is not exactly the marching orders you would expect from a man who had been listed in the United States report on terrorism. But Gilani and his followers, in fact, were taken off the list two years ago."
Let's see, taken off the terrorist list in 2000? I guess that's one more thing we can thank the Clinton Administration for. Hm, what was it Richard Clarke said about their approach to terrorism..."there was no higher priority"? Yeah, right.

There was a particular passage in this story that really caught my attention. When I read it, I had to reread it. I was highlighting certain parts of articles in yellow, but this I underlined in red.

“I am telling you, Osama doesn’t have many people in America,” Khawaja says. “But here (in Pakistan), he has lots and lots of followers there and followers who are, I am telling you, I am sure of one thing, Osama does not have even one of his followers as committed as Sheik Mubarak Gilani. Osama does not have even one as committed as the least of his people."
My friends, that is a frightening prospect.

Read the CBS story I quoted - here.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogger goes on radio to talk about JF

Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna blog was a guest today on Ken Bagwell's radio program Heads Up America. I tuned in via the live internet stream from WZNN SuperTalk 1350, a station out of Asheville, NC.

Several people called in - among them was fellow blogger Jesse Clark, of the WWIV Daily blog.

Ken seemed really interested in learning more about al-Fuqra and hopefully through this broadcast, he has interested a lot of other folks. It was a good interview and discussion. Maybe he'll do some follow-ups.

Hat tip to Baron for mentioning The Politics of CP! I appreciate it.

Fuqra Headquarters: Hancock, NY

The headquarters of Sheikh Gilani's followers in the U.S. is located in a rural area near between the towns of Hancock, Tompkins, and Deposit. [The address is 2732 Roods Creek Road Hancock, NY 13783]. The compound is known as Islamberg. The New York Post did a story about the group's compound in February 2002. An excerpt...

The FBI has said it has investigated Muslims of the Americas and come up with nothing.

None of the residents of the Tompkins enclave has been arrested or charged with terrorist activities.

But critics say the group is dangerous.

A federal agent testified last year [2001] that members of ul-Fuqra who engaged in violent acts in the United States were trained at the Tompkins settlement....

The entrance to the 70-acre enclave, located 45 miles southwest of Binghamton, includes a small gate and guard shack. A sign welcomes you to Islamberg.

A cluster of trailers serves as a Muslim parochial school, and an old hunting lodge has been turned into a school.

Many of the residents work as toll collectors at New York City's bridges and tunnels. Others work at one of the area's largest firms, Deposit Computer Services, in nearby Deposit.
Bridges and tunnels, huh? That's not alarming or anything! Geez.

According to the website for Deposit Computer Services the company is engaged in
"Data Conversions; Credit Card Processing - Visa and Master Card Applications, Visa and Master Card Drafts; Image Scanning and Capture; Image Reject Re-entry; Duplex Scanning; Complete Microfilming Services; Data Base Administration; Storage Retrieval; Software and Services; Remittance Processing; Software Development; OCR / ICR Services; Fulfillment Programs; Laser Printing; T1, 3780, 3770, Synchronized Dial-Up Communications"
Their customer base includes "both public and private companies that span across 30 states, many of whom are Fortune 100 businesses." Employees working for a company like that could have the ability to gather information on US companies or, access information with which to conduct identity theft.

Here is a highlighted overview map of the area from MSN

Click this link to see the satellite view of the Moslem Road compound.

I feel it is important to note that this compound is just two miles from the Cannonsville Reservoir, one of the water supply sources for New York City.

I'm trying to gather some more info on this location and I'll post an update when I get it.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gates of Vienna

Baron Bodissey will be talking about JF on the radio tomorrow! Tune in if you can.

Also, he has a post up about JF Headquarters, which I'll have more on tomorrow.

To paraphrase Shepard Smith, "As the war on terror continues, stay brave, stay aware and stay with us!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fuqra Community: York County, SC

By now I've posted information related to three of the known compounds of al-Fuqra, but as I noted from the NW3C report there are numerous other "suspected" compounds and training grounds. So, to see what I could find, I picked one from the list and started searching. Next contestant - York County, SC. It's amazing what you can find out through a little Googling.

A search of, a reference for mosque and Islamic school locations, turned up a mosque at this location known as the Masjid al-Fatimah [423 Flintlock Drive, York, SC]. A geographic search of this location using Google Earth revealed a rural location, some four miles from the city boundaries. I then looked closer and noticed that Flintlock Drive intersected with another road interestingly named - Islamville Way. Bingo. (I'll get to maps later in the post).

I then checked (a useful site, by the way) and did a reverse address search on the "mosque" address. It turned up two names, but I haven't found any other information re: who they are. Then, I reverse searched Islamville Way. It turned up ten names and one business. Again, I don't know anything further about these individuals.

A business, Al-Oasis Tech Care, is listed as having the same address as a couple of the residents. An internet search revealed the company is listed as an appliance installation and repair contractor. Two other locations were found for this company as well. One in Rock Hill, SC and one in Charlotte, NC.

No address was given for Al-Oasis in Rock Hill, but I did try to search for the two names that shared the address in York and I matched one to a couple of businesses as well as the Islamic Cultural Center of Rock Hill.

Also, curiously, the address for Al-Oasis in Charlotte, NC is located at an apartment complex.

Now, back to York County. This community, known as "Holy Islamville" [], is affiliated with Muslims of the Americas, founded by Sheikh Jilani and is operating as International Qur'anic Open University, also founded by Sheikh Jilani. Both organizations are known to be associated with Jamaat ul-Fuqra. A press release by the "university" lists several affiliated individuals including Mrs. Najah A. Rashid Qadria as "Deputy Director, South Carolina".

The group claims to have witnessed a miraculous manifestation of the names of Allah and Muhammad in light that took place in their shrine, the Shrine of the Sufi Qadris during Ramadan in 2002. A video has been produced about this occurrence and is being sold over the internet.

My guess would be that the businesses listed above and sales of the video are likely income sources for the community. Of course, that is purely speculation. They may have a number of other sources as well. I am not saying that any of this indicates illegal activity. I have just been trying to develop an idea of the support structure.

Now - maps. As I said, I first used Google Earth. This first image notes it's location in relation to York. Click on the image to enlarge.

Here is a closeup of the street layout, the image is fuzzy.

MSN Virtual Earth once again has a clearer image. Islamville Way looks to be just a little road, maybe dirt/gravel that turns off Flintlock. The area appears to be pretty wooded.

After looking at these, I stumbled on to a really good local website. York County has it's own GIS mapping system online and has coupled it with a property search function. It's really cool.

I had to splice the images together a bit, so this is a rough map for those who don't want to bother fiddling with the live version. The area shaded in gray is the primary Islamville community as far as I can tell. I haven't done property searches on all of the surrounding parcels (I may post some of those details later), but the three parcels highlighted are all owned by individuals who list 243 Flintlock as their address. According to the map system legend which I did not include here, the red quares indicate occupied residences. The grey boxes are building footprints. The brownish-orange rectangles are trailers. The green square with the orange triangle is a vacant mobile home. The long numbers are the parcel number and the short numbers are the address.

Click to enlarge

If you really want a close in aerial view, better than those linked above, check out the York County site I linked to. They have a close-in aerial layer on there. I don't have time to pull all those images separately right now, but if you see anything interesting, let us know.


As I continue research in to the Fuqra organization, I feel I should post a caveat.

This research has been drawn from open sources and is intended for informational purposes only. I in no way advocate or condone any action taken in response to this information, unless taken legally and/or by the proper authorities.

The NW3C report included a couple of admonitions I think are appropriate:

Do's of Investigative Practices

• Be aware that terrorists can live anywhere and that any place can be a target; do not dismiss anomalous behaviors simply due to location.

• Be observant throughout routine procedures and look for any items that seem odd or out of place...


• Do not make assumptions and generalizations; many items and actions that can be interpreted as red flags are associated not only with illegal activities but also those that are legal.
That said, I do believe it is important for us as Americans to be an informed citizenry. And, considering the world today, we must be vigilant as well.

There are a lot of things that take place in this country that goes unreported or under-reported. That is where I think the blogosphere as part of the new media is filling in some of the gaps and, in some instances, it can drive the mainstream media as well. It's just a matter of pointing out the facts and working together.

Plus, remember that law enforcement often relies on everyday citizens for information. So, if we can serve as "virtual tipsters" to hopefully make our country more safe, then so be it.

E pluribus unum!

Stay Tuned

Got a big JF post coming up, but I lost the entire thing a while ago and have to redo it. Ugh. Be back soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gates of Vienna Sheds More Light on JF

Read lots more updates from Baron Bodissey - here.

Fuqra Compound: Baladullah, CA

So far, I've posted some background information on Jemaat ul-Fuqra and have detailed known compounds that they have occupied, namely Red House, VA and Buena Vista, CO; this post will have some info about a compound in Baladullah, CA.

A thread on FreeRepublic follows a news story that was done by KFSN ABC30 in Fresno back in Nov. 2001. I contacted the news director of the station, but was unable to get a transcript of the story and the video is no longer available, but the above thread had some additional information. Here's a number of other "Freeper" threads that discuss Fuqra along with their connections to the Beltway snipers.

Another local station, ABC7 Los Angeles did a story in Jan. 2002 and I was able to find it through the Internet Archive. See that story - here. There may have been a follow-up to this, but I only located Part 1.

According to the ABC7 story, the 440-acre compound housed 300 residents, mobile homes, and a community center - oh yeah, and also a firing range, an airstrip, and get this...wait for it...a U-Haul dealership. How convenient. Need a vehicle to drive your explosives around in? Why not just own the rental place? Geez.

The story quotes Jilani and he mentions other locations of their organization including Connecticut, which I've not seen mentioned elsewhere.

Apparently, there were some legal troubles for the Baladullah group involving state money and the Islamic charter schools they were setting up. I'm sure there's lots more on that, but I haven't gotten into those details. The ABC7 story also discusses their links to individuals involved in criminal activities.

UPDATE: Here is Part 2 of the ABC7 investigation that talks about the group receiving state money for charter schools.

Supposedly the compound is all but abandoned, but that can't be confirmed. Since I've not been able to find an exact location for this place, I couldn't do any reverse address searches.

Following this post, using the list of suspected locations of JF I posted previously, I will attempt to identify those additional compounds that may now be active, but which may be relatively unknown to the general public.

UPDATE: Per the Connecticut mention - Could this be related?

UPDATE: This is very new news and I wonder if these men have any link to the Fuqra group. Four men, one Pakistani national and three African-Americans, all Muslim converts are awaiting trial for plotting terror in California. At least one of them converted to Islam in prison, a known recruitment tactic of JF. Also, one of them, is allegedly the founder of a radical group known as Jamiyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh. "Jamiyyat Ul-Islam" is very similar to "Jemaat ul-Fuqra". Maybe we will learn something from this trial. Read the story - here. (I fixed the link)

More Background on Fuqra

A couple of quick items. I figured I should link to these sources just to give you a little more information that's out there.

This first one is a follow-up to the information I've already provided on the Colorado investigation of the Fuqra organization. You can read a factsheet about the case from the Colorado Attorney General's Office - here.

Also, Fuqra is affiliated with another organization founded by Sheikh Jilani known as the Muslims of the Americas (MOA). It seems MOA may serve as a corporate front for Fuqra or at least exists to put a friendly public face on their members so as to distract from other activities. The Anti-Defamation League has been following them for some time and has noted some statements made by MOA that indicate where they stand. Read it here.

UPDATE: Another background article I found from Defense Watch, October 30, 2002. Note this disturbing paragraph:
"Al Fuqra members Earl Grant and Clement Rodney Hampton El were both convicted along with Sheikh Rahman in connection with the first World Trade Center attack and a plot to bomb New York City tunnels and landmarks. It has been ominously observed that since 1993 al Fuqra has hosted numerous low level Tri-State area bridge and tunnel workers for weekend retreats at their Hancock, N.Y. compound."

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fuqra Compound: Colorado

As I said previously, there was a massive investigation of the Fuqra group's activities in Colorado which led to several convictions and also involved a raid on their mountain training facility, known as the Trout Creek Pass compound, near Buena Vista, CO. One might assume they've moved on from this compound since, but I don't know. Either way, this post will provide some information about it and may be indicative of their other properties elsewhere.

Excerpts from the previously mentioned report from the National White Collar Crime Center

"The search of the Trout Creek Pass compound began at sunrise on October 8, 1992. Safe houses in the Colorado Springs area and in Williamsport, Pennsylvania were searched simultaneously."

"The Trout Creek Pass compound contained numerous mine shafts, one of which contained assault weapons, 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and survival gear. It also housed a number of women and children."

"The investigator noted that all of the children in the compound were home-schooled and received early training to prepare them for terrorist activity in later years. The current whereabouts of these children, now young adults, is unknown."
From the photo, I could tell the compound was on a wooded slope. I found an article from 2002 this morning that gave some additional details. The compound was located about 12 miles east of Buena Vista near Trout Creek Pass at an altitude of between 9,000-10,000 feet. It lacked electricity or plumbing. Several mine shafts were located on the property.

Using this information, I've found the general area. I'm not sure of the exact location, but I think I'm pretty close. Here is a topo map of the ridge near Trout Creek. Several mines can be seen. Here is a color satellite view from Google Maps, however not much detail can be seen. The area located in the center of this picture from MSN Virtual Earth is where my guess would be. Some cleared areas, trails, and structures can be identified. Like I said, just my guess.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, that 2002 Rocky Mountain News article that is linked above had some disturbing details about Fuqra's founder Sheikh Jilani. It said that he had been to Colorado and had himself owned some property in Buena Vista. It also mentioned this from one of the investigators of the Colorado case...
"Jilani, Fenger said, attended a December 1993 meeting in Sudan that included members of Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

" 'I know Jilani was there,' said Fenger, 'and there was a huge group of Somalis,' a group among whom there are many bin Laden supporters."

More to come...

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Jamaat ul-Fuqra Compounds

It has been noted that Jamaat ul-Fuqra occupy numerous areas around the country they refer to as "jamaats" - communities - often living in groups of trailers and such - and the members are somewhat mobile. In addition, they reportedly operate numerous paramilitary training compounds, including covert facilities, located in rural areas. Some of these facilities have been made public - namely a compound in Red House, VA; a compound just outside of Fresno, CA; and a mountain facility near Buena Vista, CO.

The report I mentioned in the last post from the National White Collar Crime Center contains a map illustrating areas of Fuqra activity and the locations of suspected Fuqra compounds.

Click on the image to see the map up close

And click on this table to see specific towns & cities listed

I'm trying to find more information on some of these compounds and I'll post it here as I can put it together. If anyone else has some relevant information, email me (politicalcp AT yahoo DOT com) or post to the comments.

Previous Posts
Jemaat ul-Fuqra
Terrorists in rural America...continued
Terrorists in Rural America?

(Thanks to Belmont Club and Gates of Vienna for the links! Lots of good comments at both places.)

Jamaat ul-Fuqra

In April 2005, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service made available a report (94 pages) that was published in September 2004 (as part of a federal grant) by the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). The report is titled, "Identifying the Links between White-Collar Crime and Terrorism" [subtitle: "For the Enhancement of Local and State Law Enforcement Investigation and Prosecution"]

This report focused on the white collar crimes "associated with terrorism, including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, intellectual property crime, investment fraud, money laundering, immigration fraud, computer crime, and tax evasion." These crimes are committed to support other activities in which the group may be involved. The case study that made up the bulk of this report was a very large multi-agency investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra by officials in Colorado that spread across many states and led to several convictions.

"Members of the Fuqra group have raised money by taking advantage of a variety of social services programs, including worker’s compensation, public health care, welfare, and food stamps programs. Other crimes committed by Fuqra members include the creation and use of false identification cards, birth certificates, and other forged documents..."
I read through this report and took note of a number of what I thought were some key details about the group. The group has been around awhile. The report says, "The first investigation of Fuqra was initiated by the FBI in 1983," and it refers to Fuqra as "one of the most elusive terrorist groups resident in the U.S."

A few more details -
"Over the past few decades, it is believed that the U.S. Fuqra has been preparing for and engaging in a holy war (Jihad) against individuals and groups they perceive to be their enemy. These enemies include Israel, the Nation of Islam, Hindus, Ansar Muslims, East Indians, Jews, the Jewish Defense League, Hare Krishnas, Buddists, and the U.S. government. Since the formation of Fuqra in the U.S., it is suspected that Fuqra members and associates have been involved in at least thirteen murders and sixteen bombings."
While most of their violent activities have involved targeted murders and bombings of specific ethnic/religious organizations, Fuqra has conducted other activities of concern including surveillance of various infrastructure targets including major electrical, gas, and telephone lines. They are also experienced in the use and manufacture of homemade weapons, explosives, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Traditionally, terrorist groups have a vetting process for new members to identify certain characteristics or behaviors before proceeding with indoctrination. "In the case of Fuqra, members have been recruited from prisons."
"Most, though not all, of the members of Fuqra are African-American, U.S. citizens who have adopted extremist beliefs and live in communal environments, or “Jamaats.” It is believed that over thirty-five (35) Jamaats have existed in the U.S. since 1980, in addition to more than a dozen “covert training compounds” in Colorado, Texas, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, Alabama, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Tennessee.... In 1991, Canadian authorities also discovered a 232-acre compound in Ontario that housed at least sixteen Fuqra members."
I'll have more about these locations and other details from the report in another post.

The full NW3C report can be downloaded as a PDF - here.

UPDATE: (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link!)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorists in rural America...continued

I consider myself somewhat of a news junkie. I'm constantly checking news on the web, reading a good selection of blogs, and watch cable news when I can. Relatively speaking, I'd say I'm pretty informed.

That's why I was surprised this week when I ran across this information about the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Amidst all the publicity surrounding cases like that of Daniel Pearl, and the Beltway Sniper case, etc., I've found that there has been some internet coverage and some regional and intermittent national coverage of this group, but not much of a groundswell. I'd never heard of them.

Frankly, I think it's pretty unsettling, and alarming, when I discover that this group primarily operates out of the US and has rural training camps all over the country. The War on Terror has been successful in dismantling numerous cells of al-Qaeda around the US and the world and members of other groups like MS-13, but there are numerous enemies out there and if some of them have a significant presence in our own midst, we should know about it.

Like I said, we know about certain groups that have been widely publicized, and we know that Hamas and Hezbollah fundraise in the U.S. But ask anybody who's ever heard of Jemaat ul-Fuqra. This group has set up training camps and carried out numerous attacks, including targeted killings and bombings, right here on U.S. soil, and have been doing it since the 80's!

The government may be fully aware of these people, their whereabouts, and activities. Or, they may not. That's why, for at least the public's sake, fellow citizens can report this information to let other citizens know about it and if the government learns something along the way that's useful, so be it.

With knowledge, vigilance, and the grace of God, we can do it!

With that said, I will have more information forthcoming that I have discovered on the suspected whereabouts of Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Terrorists in Rural America?

I ran across a blog yesterday I'd not read before called Gates of Vienna. One of the contributors, Baron Borissey, had a fascinating post about a terrorist organization out of Pakistan called Jamaat ul-Fuqra (aka al-Fuqra aka Fuqra) that apparently has several bases here in the US. Baron decided to get a close up view of one of their compounds in rural Virginia. He's got a couple maps and a picture of the front gate sign and guardhouse. Read the whole thing and read the comments that follow.

I looked around for some additional map/image info on the place. I found a topo for those interested. Also, Google Earth did not have a good aerial view, but MSN did - see below.

Click the image below for a topo map of the area from TopoZone

Click the image below for a detailed arial view of the compound from MSN Virtual Earth

It would be great to see an exposure of this and/or other such groups that are operating within our borders. Since the MSM fails to report real news anymore, it's up to citizen journalists to get this information out there. Hopefully other fellow bloggers will find some interesting stuff.

For more background on this group, read John J. Miller's National Review column from 2002 - here.

UPDATE: The other contributor at Gates of Vienna, Dymphna, notes that this terror group was just banned in the UK.

UPDATE: A reverse address search for "Shiekh Gilani Lane" in "Red House, VA" on turned up a list of seven individuals, presumably members or aliases of members of al-Fuqra. See the list - here.

...a return to blogging

Well, I've redone the look of the blog and once again hope to get back into it a little more regularly. Life interrupts from time to time and things get busy, but hopefully there's lot's more to come in this space. Hope you like it.